5 Steps To Take Control of Your Health

5 Steps To Take Control Of Your Health 


Life has taught me that taking control of your health is one of the most important things you can do.

Over the years, I have experienced many health issues. I sometimes felt I was being “dramatic” and on one occasion I was even accused of this.  It stopped me from pursuing further information. With time, I have learnt to trust my gut instinct again and pursue answers to my questions.

The 5-Steps I’ve outlined will help guide you to feel confident and educated in the health decisions you are making and most importantly, to trust your instinct.


Trust Your Instinct


The fear of public perception can stand in the way of people taking their health seriously. Some people are even choosing to forgo visits to their doctors for fear of being perceived as ‘drama queens’.

A recent survey of 1,002 Australian women aged 18 and over, found that 41% of women agreed a fear of being labelled ‘dramatic’ would stop them from speaking up about medical concerns. Alarmingly, over 35% of these women admitted that this fear explains why they have chosen not to visit a doctor when worrying something is wrong.

This delay puts women at risk of developing further, more serious health complications.

Don’t be afraid to trust your inner voice when it tells you that something is not right and seek medical advice you might need.


Empower Yourself And Act


As women, we need to feel empowered to actively engage in the management of our health. Pursuing answers to concerns isn’t being dramatic – it’s being smart.

Continue to constantly educate yourself on your health and pursue answers to your questions.


Find Your Right GP


Don’t be afraid to speak up; seek a second opinion and get the help you need. No matter how many visits it may take, it is important to find a doctor that is right for you.

Don’t give up until you are satisfied that your health is in the right hands.


Get Regular Check-ups


It is important to make sure that you visit your doctor for a full check-up at least once a year. This provides doctors with a chance to look at your lifestyle, medical history and family history to find out if you’re at risk of any avoidable health conditions.

Regular check-ups also provide peace of mind and can save you time, effort, money and even your life in the long run.


Take “ME” Time


It’s essential to maintain a balance within your life. With things moving very quickly sometimes, this isn’t always easy. ‘Me’ time can involve a simple 5 minutes a day where you switch off and focus on what your body needs.

Practice a daily routine where you take some time out of your day to re-centre and focus on yourself.

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